ADJ’s Hydro Series: IP65-Rated Moving Heads For Spectacular Lighting In Any Weather

The ADJ Hydro Series is a comprehensive range of IP65-rated automated luminaires that includes all the major fixture types, most with a choice of size options. Every model boasts rugged touring grade construction and a weatherproof design that means they can be safely used for temporary outdoor events even when there is risk of rain, snow or strong winds. Each Hydro Series luminaire has been carefully curated to offer the features lighting designers require while remaining lightweight and compact for their respective class of fixture. Designed to last, with premium components throughout, the Hydro Series fixtures also offer incredibly good value for money, providing excellent ROI for rental houses and making good quality IP65-rated moving heads affordable for the first time to smaller production houses.

“When the first Hydro Series fixtures were introduced back in 2018,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales, “they were indisputably game-changing. They brought weatherproof moving heads within the reach of a huge number of production companies and rental houses working on projects with budgets that up until that point would not have allowed for IP-rated fixtures. Since then, the Hydro Series has expanded to include every fixture type and has been thoroughly road tested on festivals and events worldwide. From the rainy fields of England to the dusty deserts of California, and from the humid beaches of Tahiti to the freezing winter snow of Lake Placid, Hydro Series fixtures have consistently allowed lighting professionals to successfully deliver outdoor events in the most challenging of weather conditions. However, the fixtures aren’t designed solely to be used outdoors. For indoor shows their sealed-shells protect the units from dirt, dust, drinks and haze residue to prevent build-up on internal components and therefore offer a prolonged operational life and reduced maintenance requirement.”

Serving interchangeably as a beam, spot or wash luminaire, the Hydro Hybrid is the latest addition to the series. This powerful and feature-packed fixture harnesses the full potential of a potent Osram SIRIUS HRI 420W discharge lamp, focused through precision optics, to deliver an output of up to 14,416 Lumens. It’s expansive feature set includes CMY color mixing and an additional 12-position color wheel, two GOBO wheels (one with 14 fixed static patterns and one with 9 slots for replaceable indexed-rotating GOBOs), two rotating prisms on separate planes (8-facet circular and 6-facet linear), motorized focus, motorized zoom (1.6° - 17.7°: Spot Mode; 3.1° - 39.2°: Beam Mode) and a Frost Filter. Supplied with a variety of pre-programmed macros – for color, GOBO and prism selection – the Hydro Hybrid is designed from the ground-up to make Lighting Designers lives easier and to allow their creative visions to be effectively realized. From piercing aerial beam effects, to crisp surface GOBO projections, and soft-edged washes, this powerful and flexible fixture has every base covered.

The flagship of the Series is the Hydro Profile, a lighting powerhouse which combines a potent 660-Watt cool white LED light engine, precision-engineered optics, and an expansive feature set to deliver crisp projections with a massive output of 26,000 Lumens. Heading up the fixture’s collection of beam-shaping tools is a 4-blade framing system. Each shutter is controlled using two independent motors, one for each side, which allows the individual blades to be applied at any desired angle. In addition, rotation of the combined shutter assembly means the shape created using the four shutters can be precisely positioned. Further manipulation of the output is provided by motorized zoom (6 ~ 45-degrees), iris and focus, as well as two frost filters options. An almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections can be created using the Hydro Profile. It features two independent GOBO wheels, one with 7 indexed, rotatable patterns and the other with 8 fixed patterns, all of which are replaceable. It also incorporates two indexed, rotatable prisms – 4-facet circular and 6-facet linear – as well as an animation wheel. Any desired color can also be selected thanks to a CMY color mixing system with additional CTO flag. The fixture also offers a separate 7-position color wheel which is loaded with a selection of useful (replaceable) dichroics, including CTB and High CRI filters.

A dedicated beam fixture, the Hydro Beam X12 is a nimble luminaire that has an intense, razor-sharp output. It combines the punchy Philips® Platinum 12R LL MSD 6000-hour discharge lamp with a carefully curated selection of beam-shaping tools. The fixture delivers a huge output of up to 522,000 lux (measured at a 10m distance) and is capable of firing its beam across a vast distance, creating impressive aerial effects shooting right up into the night sky. For a luminaire offering such a powerful output, rich feature-set and IP65-rating, the Hydro Beam X12 is remarkably lightweight at just 48 lbs. (21.8 kg.). This allows for extremely quick pan and tilt movement, which empowers lighting designers to create impressive fast-paced aerial effects. A 16-position (plus open) stamped metal GOBO wheel features a collection of break-apart patterns and simple shapes, including four beam reducers. These can be kept sharp using motorized focus and have been carefully chosen to allow the creation of engaging beam effects. The fixture also features a separate color wheel, offering 14 options, including CTB (6000K), CTO (3200K) and UV. A choice of two prisms completes the unit’s collection of beam-shaping tools. Both the 6-facet linear and 24-facet circular prism offer bidirectional rotation, while the two prisms can also be overlaid, with different rotation speed and direction, to create complex diffracted beam patterns.

Offering an impressive 15,000 Lumen output derived from a potent 320-Watt cool white LED engine, the Hydro Spot 2 is a feature-packed spot fixture. From animation wheel, twin GOBO wheels and two rotatable prism options (6-facet circular and 5-facet linear), to CMY color mixing with variable CTO flag and an additional 7-position color wheel (including 5600K CTB and High CRI filters), it offers all the tools a lighting designer could wish for. One of the GOBO wheels allows indexed rotation, while the other is static, and the rotating patterns are also replaceable. Motorized zoom allows for a beam angle variable between a tight 8-degrees and wide 41-degrees, while motorized focus can be used to ensure sharp pattern projections and aerial beam effects or to deliberately blur GOBOs to create more ambient effects. In addition, two variable frost filter options – medium and heavy – can be used to further blur projected images or to generate a soft-edged wash output.

The Hydro Wash X19 is powerful and versatile zooming wash fixture. It incorporates 19 x Osram 40-Watt RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, making for an impressive total of 760-Watts. The LEDs offer smooth color mixing, allowing for the creation of a wide variety of different hues, and are arranged in three concentric circles. Each LED is individually controllable, meaning pixel-mapped effects can be generated, with support available for both the KlingNet and Artnet control protocols as well as standard DMX-512. Linear motorized focus allows the beam angle to vary between a narrow 6-degrees and wide 40-degrees. This allows the fixture to be used to create tight mid-air beam effects as well as to bathe large areas with vibrant color washes at different moments during the same show.

For applications that call for compact fixtures, the Hydro Spot 1 is a small, LED-powered spot. Harnessing the power of a potent 200-Watt cool white LED light engine, the luminaire delivers punchy output with even coverage. Its extensive feature set provides lighting designers with a wealth of creative potential. This starts with motorized zoom, allowing for a variable beam angle of 11° ~ 22°, which is paired with motorized focus to ensure pattern projections remain sharp regardless of distance. The fixture features two independent color wheels, each loaded with 8 dichroics, including CTO, CTB and UV filters. It also offers a separate GOBO wheel, which has 6 slots for replaceable, rotating glass or aluminum GOBO patterns. Two rotating prisms (5-facet linear & 6-facet circular) allow for the creation of stunning aerial effects, while two frost filters (light and heavy) allow for blurring the edges of GOBO patterns and creating a wash output, respectively.

Equally compact, the Hydro Wash X7 is a wash fixture which harnesses the power of seven 40W Osram 4-in-1 (RGBW) LEDs. Each LED can be controlled independently, which allows for the creation of dazzling ‘eye candy’ visuals through full pixel-mapping. The unit also offers motorized zoom with a wide range of between 6 and 40-degrees. This makes the fixture equally suited to generating large washes of punchy saturated colors as it is to creating narrow solid beams ideal for impactful aerial effects.

Rounding out the series’ collection of compact fixture options, the Hydro Beam X1 is a small moving head that packs a mighty punch. This dedicated beam luminaire is powered by an Osram Sirius HRI 100W discharge lamp that offers an impressively long operating life of 6,000 hours. Combined with precision optics and a tight 3-degree beam angle, this allows the fixture to generate a powerful beam that travels over a long distance and is capable of creating a wide variety of stunning midair effects. Despite its small size, the X1 packs in plenty of beam-shaping features. Its color wheel offers a diverse selection of 14 color options, including UV and a CTB color correction filter, plus open white. A second wheel is loaded with a varied selection of 15 GOBO patterns plus open, which include 4 beam reducers and the versatile fixture also features a 16-facet bi-directional rotating circular prism as well as an independent frost filter.

In addition to the comprehensive collection of automated luminaires, the ADJ Hydro Series also features a dedicated mobile service tool known as the Hydro IP Tester. Designed to assess the integrity of compatible IP-rated lighting fixtures, including the complete Hydro Series of moving heads, this compact device is a versatile and intuitive service tool. It is intended for use by competent technicians at production companies, dealers and rental houses who want to open and reseal the cases of IP-rated fixtures to carry out tasks such as lamp or GOBO replacement and regular maintenance. The easily portable unit is built into a rugged carry case, complete with a storage compartment for the supplied power lead and air hose. It can be used to test the integrity of an IP-rated fixture by performing both pressure and vacuum tests. This procedure is essential after a sealed fixture’s case has opened before it is again subject to wet, humid or dusty conditions. A convenient color LCD display, with six accompanying navigation buttons, provides access to a menu-driven interface for operating the tester, which is both intuitive and comprehensive. Manual tests can be easily setup, however, the unit is supplied preloaded with presets for ADJ’s entire IP-rated fixture catalog, which when selected will automatically set the correct parameters for the chosen fixture type.

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