Hydro Profile


Key Features

• CMY color mixing system
• Variable CTO flag
• Color wheel with 7 dichroic colors + white (incl. CTB & High CRI filters)
• 4 Blade Framing System (+/- 60° Rotatable)
• Animation Wheel
• Beam Angle: 5.6°-40.2°
• 660W Cool White LED Engine (50,000 hr.)
• 25,000+ Lumens

Product Information

SKU: 1237000322
GTIN: 810087370473
HS-Code: 94054210
The Hydro Profile is ADJ’s first weatherproof moving head profile fixture, which combines a potent 660-Watt cool white LED light engine with an expansive feature set to deliver a truly powerful and versatile luminaire. It is part of ADJ’s Hydro Series of robust IP65-rated moving heads, which are all designed for a demanding life on the road. They can be used outdoors in any weather as well as for indoor productions where they are protected against everything from dust and smoke residue to spilt drinks and humidity.
Heading up the Hydro Profile’s collection of beam-shaping tools is a 4-blade framing system. Each shutter is controlled using two independent motors, one for each side, which allows the individual blades to be applied at any desired angle. In addition, rotation of the combined shutter assembly means the shape created using the four shutters can be precisely positioned. Further manipulation of the output is provided by a motorized zoom function, which can be used to alter the beam angle between 6 and 45-degrees. An even narrower beam can then be achieved utilizing the motorized iris, which also offers automated pulsing effects. In addition, the fixture offers two frost filters, a heavy filter for creating a wash output and a medium filter for blurring the edges of GOBOs.
An almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections can be created using the Focus Profile. It features two independent GOBO wheels, one with 7 indexed, rotatable patterns and the other with 8 fixed patterns, all of which are replaceable. It also incorporates two indexed, rotatable prisms – 4-facet circular and 6-facet linear – as well as an animation wheel. Any desired color can also be selected thanks to a CMY color mixing system with additional CTO flag. The fixture also offers a separate 7-position color wheel which is loaded with a selection of useful dichroics, including CTB and High CRI filters. The colors are all replaceable, allowing for the use of custom filters should a very specific shade or hue by required for a specific production.


  • • 660W Cool White LED Engine (50,000 hr.)
  • • 25,000+ Lumens

  • • Motorized Focus
  • • 2 Frost Filters
  • • Beam Angle: 5.6°-40.2°
  • • Field Angle: 6.3°-44.3°
  • • 4 Blade Framing System (+/- 60° Rotatable)
  • • Iris
  • • Animation Wheel
  • • 2 Prism FX: Rotating 6-facet Linear & rotating 4-facet Circular
  • • 0-100% smooth dimming
  • • Various strobe speeds
  • • 2 cooling fans

  • • CMY color mixing system
  • • Variable CTO flag
  • • Color wheel with 7 dichroic colors + white (includes CTB and High CRI filters)
  • • Colors on wheel are removable and replaceable

  • • (1) Rotating Gobo wheel with 7 Gobos
  • • (1) Static Gobo wheel with 8 Gobos
  • • All Gobo’s are replaceable
  • • Gobo Shake Effect on both wheels
  • • Aluminum Gobo size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 0.5mm (thickness)
  • • Glass gobo size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 3.3mm (thickness)

  • • Prism Wheel 1: Rotatable 6-facet Linear
  • • Prism Wheel 2: Rotatable 4-facet Circular
  • • Both Prisms are indexable

  • • Frost 1: Heavy frost for wash effect
  • • Frost 2: Medium frost creates lightly blurred edges for Gobo and Prism FX

  • • 3 DMX Channel Modes: 36/50/57
  • • Color LCD display with 6-button function menu
  • • Control Mode: DMX512 or internal programs
  • • 6 Dim Modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre, Stage2
  • • 4 Dim Curves: Square, Linear, Inv. Square and S. Curve
  • • Selectable LED Refresh Rates (900 Hz~25K Hz)
  • • 0-100% smooth dimming
  • • Various strobe speeds
  • • RDM (Remote Device Management)
  • • WiFLY EXR Wireless DMX built-in (Up to 30M line of sight)

  • • Pan: 630 degrees
  • • Tilt: 270 degrees
  • • Pan & Tilt locks

  • • DMX Connections: 5-pin XLR In/Out
  • • Power Connections: IP65 Locking Power Input

  • • Multi-voltage operation: 90-240V, 50/60Hz
  • • Max power consumption: 660W

  • • Dimensions (LxWxH): 319x433x720mm
  • • Weight: 38,5kg

  • • Omega Bracket
  • • 1.83m IP65 locking power cable

  • ETL Approved / CE Certified
  • IP65 with Marine Coated Exterior and conformal coated PCBs
Specifications subject to change without notice


Color Wheel 1

 CTB 5600K
CTB 5600K
 High CRI
High CRI
 Medium Blue
Medium Blue

Gobo Wheel 1 Rotating

Gobo 20
 Gobo 30
 Gobo 31
 Gobo 62
 Gobo 63
 Gobo 64
 Gobo 65

Gobo Wheel 2 Static

Gobo 37
 Gobo 38
 Gobo 41
 Gobo 43
 Gobo 63
 Gobo 66
 Gobo 67
 Gobo 90
 Gobo 91

Animation Wheel

Animation Wheel 1



DMX Traits

<p>DMX Traits</p>
<p>DMX Traits</p>

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