ADJ’s Latest Entertainment Technology Excites The Crowds At Prolight + Sound In Frankfurt

ADJ utilized the recent Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany to showcase a variety of the company’s newest lighting and LED video products. On display were the latest additions to the company’s Vizi and Hydro Series of automated luminaires, as well as the new ElectraPix Series of robust and versatile battery-powered wash fixtures. The booth also showcased the new WMS2 high resolution LED video panel and the much-anticipated IP-rated Jolt Series strobe/blinders, as well as the Aria X2 wireless lighting control solution.

Running over four days at the Frankfurt Messe exhibition center in Germany, Prolight+Sound 2024 attracted thousands of entertainment lighting professionals from across Europe. The ADJ booth was busy throughout the show with lighting designers, production & rental company managers, and other entertainment lighting professionals who were eager to see the brand’s newest fixtures in person.

“Prolight+Sound 2024 was a very successful show for ADJ,” comments ADJ Europe’s Product Specialist & Trade Show Manager, Rob Lang. “The attendance was even better than we expected, and our booth was busy throughout the whole show. We received a huge amount of interest in all the new products that were on display, with the Vizi Beam CMY and ElectraPix Series particularly capturing the imagination of many lighting professionals. It was also a great opportunity to connect in person with lots of our existing customers as well as to meet new prospective customers interested in what the ADJ brand has to offer.”

The next evolution in ADJ’s extremely popular Vizi Series of automated luminaires, the new Vizi Beam CMY is a powerful and feature-packed dedicated beam fixture. Harnessing the full potential of the 310W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp, paired with precision engineered optics, it generates a potent and crisp 2-degree beam that is ideal for generating awe-inspiring aerial effects. Lighting Designers can unlock a spectrum of possibilities with CMY color mixing, paired with a 14-color dichroic wheel that includes CTO (3200K), CTB (9000k) & UV filters. In addition, the fixture offers a versatile GOBO wheel loaded with 17 static patterns (including 4 beam reducers) and a dynamic GOBO shake effect. Users can also enjoy the flexibility of on-board wireless DMX, motorized focus, 16-bit fine focus and high speed 3-phase pan and tilt motors which deliver fast movement and meticulous control. The fixture’s extensive feature set also includes two rotating prisms (16-facet circular and 6-facet linear) which may be overlayed, as well as a frost filter for creating wash effects.

Offering a host of advanced features, the ElectraPix Series is a collection of versatile battery powered and wirelessly controllable LED wash fixtures. Each product in the series features the same color-calibrated 20-Watt Hex (RGBAL+UV) LEDs which deliver incredible color mixing potential as well as a high CRI. In addition, an arrangement of 0.2-Watt RGB color mixing LEDs surrounds the main LEDs to generate a background glow effect. The series is made up of three fixtures, which each feature versatile floor-standing / hanging brackets as well as an integrated L Track system which can be used to easily attach a range of rigging accessories. The ElectraPix Bar 8 is a compact 0.5-meter linear fixture that incorporates eight LEDs. The larger ElectraPix Bar 16 measures 1-meter in length and features 16 LEDs. Finally, the ElectraPix Par 7 is a complementary LED par fixture loaded with seven LEDs.

The ADJ Hydro Series is a comprehensive range of IP65-rated automated luminaires that each boast rugged touring grade construction, premium components, and a carefully curated feature set, delivering exceptional ROI potential. A powerful and feature-packed luminaire, the Hydro Hybrid is the latest new edition to the range and was showcased at Prolight + Sound 2024. It harnesses the full potential of a potent Osram SIRIUS HRI 420W discharge lamp, focused through precision optics, to deliver an output of up to 14,416 Lumens. Its expansive feature set includes CMY color mixing and an additional 12-position color wheel, two GOBO wheels (one fixed static and one replaceable indexed-rotating), two rotating prisms (8-facet circular and 6-facet linear), motorized focus and motorized zoom (1.6° - 17.7°: Spot Mode; 3.1° - 39.2°: Beam Mode).

Expanding ADJ’s catalog of professional LED video panel products, the new WMS2 is the company’s highest resolution offering to date. It features an arrangement of RGB SMD1515 color mixing LEDs and generates a brightness of 800 NITS. Offering a pixel pitch of just 2.6mm, resulting in a pixel density of 147,456/m2, the panel delivers excellent definition even from a close viewing distance. Measuring 1000mm x 500mm (39.3” x 19.9”), each panel is made up of eight individual modules of 96 x 96 pixels. With a front serviceable design, this vibrant video display solution can be mounted directly to a wall, with a seamless edge-to-edge finish, either horizontally or vertically. It is therefore ideal for a wide variety of integration applications, including shop window displays, museums and attractions, boardrooms, meeting and event spaces, digital signage, houses of worship and entertainment venues. At Prolight + Sound 2024, a display created from WMS2 panels was positioned at the rear of the ADJ booth and utilized to display information about all the products on display.

The new Aria X2 wireless lighting control solution is a next generation multi-band system designed to increase the reliability and transmission range for cable free communication of a DMX signal between console and fixtures. Featuring an advanced proprietary protocol, it creates a wireless mesh that allows all Aria X2 devices within a given system to transmit the DMX signal between one another, which establishes an extremely robust network. On display at ADJ’s Prolight + Sound booth will be the Aria X2 Transceiver, which features twin wireless antennas as well as 5-pin DMX input and thru connections. An Aria X2 network can be configured from the large display screen located on the front of the transceiver or using a dedicated mobile app. In addition, the app can also be used to remotely configure compatible fixtures and provide basic DMX control. All the new lighting fixtures that were on display at Prolight + Sound 2024 are equipped with Aria X2 compatible wireless transceivers as are many of the other ADJ fixtures released recently.

Popular with concert lighting designers and nightclub integrators alike, ADJ’s Jolt Series features a collection of potent fixtures which each combine brilliant bright white strobe/blinder LEDs with multi-colored wash LEDs in the same versatile unit. Taking the series to the next level, the new Jolt Bar FXIP and Jolt Panel FXIP that were on display at Prolight + Sound 2024 offer the same creative potential but with touring grade casings that are IP65-rated for safe use outdoors in any weather conditions. The linear fixture features a central strip of 112 x 5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs (grouped into 16 individually controllable zones), surrounded on both sides by a total of 448 x 0.5-Watt RGB color mixing SMD LEDs (in 32 zones). The panel fixture is equipped with 48 x 0.5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs (divided into 6 zones) alongside 800 x 0.5-Watt RGB SMD LEDs (in 40 zones). Both fixtures are packed with advanced features, including wireless DMX and internal program macros, and are supplied with a frost lens that easily attaches to a dedicated slot in the front of the unit.