ADJ’s Vizi Series: Moving Heads That Offer Versatility and Value

One of ADJ’s most enduring product ranges, the Vizi Series features a collection of moving head luminaires designed for both the event production / rental and installation markets. The line has evolved over the years and currently features a mixture of lamp-based beam fixtures as well as LED-powered hybrid and wash models. Without ever compromising on component quality, the Vizi Series fixtures offer exceptional value for money paired with impressive output and all the features a lighting designer would expect from a luminaire in each model’s respective class.

“Throughout its history, the ADJ Vizi Series has featured numerous innovative products that have pushed the boundaries of the price-to-output ratio while never compromising on build quality or internal components,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “The series broke new ground with the industry’s first ever fixture to utilize the revolutionary Philips® Platinum 5R discharge lamp in the early 2010s, the legacy of which continues through the Vizi Series’ current dedicated beam fixture options. The current line-up also features a collection of extremely efficient LED-powered luminaires, including the Vizi CMY300, ADJ’s first ever moving head to incorporate CMY color mixing. While each model in the range is very different in terms of form and features, what unites them all is excellent value for money leading to high ROI for both rental/production and integration customers. The product line will also continue to evolve with exciting new fixtures in development that will extend its heritage of innovation meaning that the future remains bright for the Vizi Series!”

The Vizi Beam 12RX is ADJ’s next generation beam moving head powered by the latest 260W Philips® Platinum 12R LL MSD discharge lamp, which features an innovative reflector design to generate an extremely high-intensity beam and offers an incredible 6000 hour average life expectancy. This is coupled with precision-engineered optics and a large glass front lens to allow the luminaire to generate an exceptionally potent beam. It offers a razor sharp 2-degree beam angle and is equipped with a wide variety of beam-shaping tools, including 14 colors + open (with color indexing), 16 static metal GOBOs + open (with GOBO indexing), two rotating prisms (6-facet linear and 24-facet circular) and a frost filter for wash effects. Despite its impressive light output, the Vizi Beam 12RX remains a compact and lightweight fixture, however this had been achieved without any sacrifice to the unit’s build quality. With a robust construction, and featuring high quality components throughout, the ADJ Vizi Beam 12RX has been designed to offer reliable and consistent performance. It is ideal for generating intense aerial effects for concert stages, dance events, nightclubs, and other largescale entertainment venues.

Launched in 2016, the Vizi Beam RXONE is one of ADJ’s best-selling fixtures and its popularity is showing no signs of waning. An extremely compact and incredibly quick moving head, it is powered by a potent Osram® Sirius HRI 100W 1R long life lamp focused through highly efficient optics. It produces a super sharp 3-degree beam of light capable of traveling up to 100 meters. The fixture features 14 colors + white and split colors, 15 fixed GOBOs + spot, a 21-degree frost filter, and a 16-facet prism with macros. Due to its very small size and affordable price point, it is ideal for deployment in significant quantities both for temporary events and as part of permanent installations in nightclubs and other venues.

The Vizi CMY 300 is a feature-packed, LED-powered hybrid moving head luminaire. It features a specially designed 300W LED engine that offers massive output for use on medium-to-large-scale event productions and venue installations projects. Its versatile hybrid functionality allows it to act interchangeably as a beam, spot, or wash fixture, with a massive zoom range from 8 to 46-degrees. This means that designers can achieve multiple effects from one fixture without having to crowd trusses with different fixture types. The unit’s signature feature is its full CMY color mixing, which gives users the freedom to select from a much wider palette of colors than a regular color wheel. Independent cyan, magenta and yellow color paddles – which allow variable intensities – can be mixed together to create almost any color imaginable. In addition, the fixture still incorporates a standard color wheel, which allows easy selection of popular colors including UV. This also features a 3200K CTO filter that allows the beam’s color temperature to be altered from the cool white of its LED light-source to a rich warm white. The fixture also offers motorized focus, motorized zoom, motorized iris, two rotating prisms (6-facet linear & 3-facet circular) and two GOBO wheels (one with fixed metal GOBOs & one with rotating/replaceable GOBOs).

A high output LED-powered wash fixture, the Vizi Wash Z37 is a versatile lighting tool designed for professional touring and one-off event production as well as permanent installation in large nightclubs, concert venues and houses of worship. It harnesses the power of 37 separate 20W 4-in-1 RGBW (red, green, blue and white) color mixing Osram® LEDs to generate a truly massive output. These LEDs are arranged into four concentric circles. The outer ring is split into four separate sections, while the middle two rings are each split into two sections. This makes for a total of nine independently controllable zones, which allows for the creation of split colors as well as animated ‘eye candy’ effects. Motorized zoom facilitates a beam angle of between 10 and 60-degrees. This wide zoom range means that the same fixture can be used to saturate large areas of a stage or crowd with vibrant color washes as well as spotlight specific performers or features. Set to its narrowest beam angle, the fixture can also be used to create strikingly sharp mid-air beams, with the ability to add further impact using the unit’s variable speed strobe and pulse effects (1–40Hz).

A similar but more compact fixture, the Vizi Wash Z19 features 19 separate 20W 4-in-1 RGBW Osram® LEDs. As with its bigger brother, the LEDs are positioned behind a precision-engineered lens array which generates a uniform wash and removes color shadows. It also offers the same motorized zoom functionality, offering a variable beam angle of between 10 and 60-degrees. The fixture’s 19 LEDs are arranged in concentric circles: one central LED is surrounded by a middle ring of six LEDs which is in turn surrounded by an outer ring of 12 LEDs. Each half of the middle ring (three LEDs) and each quarter of the outer ring (also three LEDs) can be controlled separately, in addition to the single central LED, which gives a total of seven independent zones. Thanks to its compact form, the Vizi Wash Z19 is an extremely agile fixture. It’s 16-bit fine pan and tilt movement allows for both precise positioning and smooth movement at slow speeds, while its nimble design means that extremely fast-moving patterns can also be achieved.

The current Vizi Series line-up is completed by the Vizi HEX Wash7. Ideal for mobile entertainers, theaters, churches, nightclubs, concert venues and event production companies, this extremely compact fixture is an agile and powerful mover capable of producing everything from intense beams to wide-spread washes. Fitted with seven 15W 6-in-1 HEX color mixing LEDs (red, green, blue, white, amber and UV), the fixture offers exceptional color mixing potential including UV-enhanced pinks and purples. Its motorized zoom function allows the beam angle to be changed remotely to anything between 5-degrees and 55-degrees. At its narrowest setting the unit is ideal for mid-air beam effects, with its richly colored output focused tightly into a shaft of light that looks very impressive in a hazy atmosphere. Meanwhile, at its widest zoom setting, the fixture generates a broad wash that is ideal for illuminating large areas of a stage or venue. Offering a huge amount of flexibility, as well as an affordable price, the Vizi Hex Wash7 is an ideal wash fixture for a wide range of applications.