ADJ’s Wireless & Weatherproof Up-Lighting System Now Available With A Sleek Black Finish

The Mirage Q6 Pak Black is the ultimate up-lighting solution. It comprises six feature-packed, battery-powered, wirelessly-controllable, IP65-rated LED wash fixtures supplied in a purpose-built charging road case. Each Mirage Q6 IP Black fixture offers everything the original chrome-finished Mirage Q6 IP units do but with an understated, yet elegant, gloss black outer casing.

Each Element Q6 IP Black fixture features four 10-Watt 4-in-1 RGBA color mixing LEDs, which together generate a vibrant output with an expansive choice of color options. It incorporates a potent rechargeable battery, which allows it to run for up to 40 hours on a single charge, and is encased in an IP65-rated shell, which makes it suitable for temporary use outdoors with protection against the elements (rain, snow, dust, and sand). It also features a built-in WiFLY EXR wireless DMX transceiver and offers a variety of useful features, including a theft protection alarm, integrated kick stand and retractable carry handle. The units are supplied in sets of six together with a custom-built road case which protects them in transit and makes them easy to transport and charge between events.

“We developed the Mirage Q6 IP to set a new standard in wireless up-lighting by listening to our customers and delivering a product that perfectly met the requirements of event and lighting professionals,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “The combination of vibrant output, long battery life, wireless DMX, IP65-rating, in-case charging, and an anti-theft alarm all came together to make the Mirage Q6 IP the perfect event up-lighter. However, we continued listening to customers after the product’s release and found that while most loved the original chrome finish – which blends seamlessly into any environment – some would prefer a traditional black look.

The Mirage Q6 IP Black is our answer to that request. Now customers can choose between the original Mirage Q6 IP with its classy chrome finish or this new version with its classic black look, and even mix and match the fixtures.” The Mirage Q6 IP Black offers a concise 11-degree beam angle, which is ideal for illuminating walls, décor, and architectural features from below. It has integral feet, which means that it can simply sit directly on the ground, as well as a built-in kickstand that can be used to angle the fixture in towards a wall for a tighter beam. This incorporates a series of notches at preset angles that make it quick and simple to set multiple fixtures to precisely the same position. Finally, a mounting point on the rear of the fixture allows a hanging bracket to be attached so that it can be hung from a truss for downlighting or stage illumination.

By varying the intensity of the independent red, green, blue and amber elements within each LED, the fixture is able to generate a wide variety of richly saturated colors. In addition to full color mixing control, the unit also features 64 built-in color macros to aid with quick programming as well as 13 pre-programmed chase patterns to allow for easy setup when required. It incorporates an ADJ WiFLY EXR wireless DMX transceiver, which has a range of up to 2,500 feet (760M). The device is also equipped with an infrared sensor that can be used with either ADJ’s UC-IR remote control (supplied) or the Airstream IR to quickly select color macros and pre-programmed chase patterns.

The internal battery is a high-capacity Lithium-Ion unit with an 11,000mAh capacity (typical), which allows for up to 40 hours of operation (single color) between charges. Even with changing colors, the battery life is 20 hours and therefore more than enough for even the longest of events. Between use, it takes just seven hours to return the battery to full capacity. A power button for the unit can be found on its base alongside a large backlit control panel with four corresponding selection buttons. This provides access to a comprehensive and intuitive menu system that can be used for DMX addressing, setting up standalone operation, and for selection of the fixture’s various operational options. The display screen can also be used to check the fixture’s current battery life and an estimation of the charging time required to return the battery to full capacity.

Theft is a genuine concern for production and event companies operating wireless up-lighting. Unencumbered by cables, lightweight and compact, wireless wash lights are an easy target for malicious thieves and intoxicated party guests alike. To combat this, the Mirage Q6 IP Black is supplied with an internal alarm system which can be activated from the control panel. If someone picks up the unit with the alarm system armed, the fixture will emit a beeping sound and strobe in red, immediately alerting technicians, venue staff and other guests that the light is being tampered with.

Weighing just 6.17 lbs. (2.8kg.) and fitted with a convenient retractable handle, the Mirage Q6 IP Black is convenient to store, transport and carry. Measuring just 5.6” x 5.6” x 8.3” (143mm x 143mm x 211mm [L x W x H]) it is also compact, making it ideal for introducing splashes of color where space is limited.

Adding to this versatility, the fixtures are supplied in sets of six as the Mirage Q6 Pak Black complete with a custom designed heavy-duty road case. Featuring separate padded compartments for each of the six units, as well as additional space for cables and accessories, the case is fitted with a hinged lid secured by butterfly clasps. It also features tough ball corners, large braked-castors, recessed bar handles and slots on its lid to allow multiple cases to be stacked during transport and storage.

An in-case charging system means that all six fixtures can be charged while stored within their case. This has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible for busy event professionals. There are no cables to attach within the case, the connector on the base of each fixture simply slots onto a charging base in their compartment of the case. A single IP65-rated locking power socket on the side of the case, complete with charge status LED, can then be used to supply charging power to all six fixtures while secured safely inside the case. A power output socket is also included on the side, to allow multiple charging cases to be daisy chained from a single power outlet.

The Mirage Q6 Pak Black is shipping now worldwide. The original Mirage Q6 Pak is also still available, offering the alternative option of identical fixtures finished in sleek reflective chrome.

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