Introducing ADJ’s High Resolution New WMS2 LED Video Panel Ideal For Integration Projects

Expanding ADJ’s catalog of professional LED video panel products, the new WMS2 is the company’s highest resolution offering to date. With a front serviceable design, this vibrant video display solution can be mounted directly to a wall with a seamless edge-to-edge finish either horizontally or vertically. It is therefore ideal for a wide variety of integration applications, including shop window displays, museums and attractions, boardrooms, meeting and event spaces, digital signage, houses of worship and entertainment venues.

With a pixel pitch of just 2.6mm, resulting in a pixel density of 147,456/m2, the WMS2 offers excellent definition even from a close viewing distance. It features an arrangement of RGB SMD1515 color mixing LEDs and generates a brightness of 800 NITS. A Novastar A8s-N receiving card is built-in allowing the WMS2 to be displayed horizontally or vertically when wall mounting. The panel offers a wide viewing angle of 160-degrees (horizontal) by 140-degrees (vertical) and has a refresh rate of 3840Hz.

Each WMS2 panel measures 1000mm x 500mm and is made up of eight individual modules of 96 x 96 pixels each (which measure 250mm x 250mm). Each panel’s overall resolution is 384 x 192 pixels (horizontally) or 192 x 384 (vertically). The unit’s robust frame assembly features a convenient locking mechanism, which allows adjacent panels to be joined together securely. The frame features mounting points which allow it to be installed directly to a wall or other similar flat vertical surface. Panels can be installed either portrait or landscape, with the necessary rotation adjustment made in the mapping software. Once an arrangement of frames has been installed, the modules simply slot in from the front, locking securely into place, creating a seamless finish with no side bezel. This design not only makes installation simple but means that, in the unlikely event of an LED failure, any single mini module can be easily removed and replaced. In addition to wall-mounting, the panels may also be hung or stacked in a similar manner to ADJ’s existing LED panel products.

The WMS2 is just 33mm thick and weighs in at only 9.5 kgs. It has an average power consumption of 350-Watts per m2 (two panels) and can run on any voltage between 100 and 240V AC. The panel’s LEDs have an average working life expectancy of 50,000 hours, making it suitable for applications that require extended periods of continuous use. Its IP rating is 20 (indoor use only) and the unit is ETL certified. As with all other ADJ video panels, the WMS2 is compatible with the full range of Novastar video processors.

“An exciting addition to ADJ’s growing range of LED video panel products, the WMS2 is ideal for customers working on a wide variety of installation projects,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “Its convenient wall mounting system and front serviceability, paired with its low pixel pitch and stunning color reproduction, make it suitable for a wide variety of applications that require a permanently installed LED video wall that delivers excellent picture quality even when viewed from close up. The Novastar A8s-N receiving card offers a new level of versatility allowing the panels to be used in a vertical or horizontal configuration when wall mounting.”

The WMS2 high resolution LED video panel is shipping now from ADJ USA, and will be available in the early summer of 2024 from ADJ Europe.

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