ADJ’s New Vizi Beam CMY Offers A Spectrum Of Possibilities

The Vizi Beam CMY is the next evolution in ADJ’s extremely popular Vizi Series of automated luminaires. A versatile beam fixture, it combines immensely powerful output with an extensive collection of beam-shaping features. Lighting Designers can unlock a spectrum of possibilities with CMY color mixing, while high performance 3-phase pan and tilt motors enable lightning-fast movement as well as extreme precision. Designed to produce stunning aerial effects for largescale events and big stage productions, the unit itself is remarkably compact and therefore convenient to rig, transport and store.

At the heart of the Vizi Beam CMY is the extremely powerful Osram Sirius HRI 310W PRO discharge lamp. Its intense light output is harnessed through precision-engineered optics to deliver a stunning 2-degree beam projected from a high-quality glass front lens. The lamp outputs a native color temperature of 7850K (+/- 500K) with a CRI of 86 (+/- 5). Its long-life design offers a run time of approximately 6,000 hours, significantly reducing the cost and inconvenience of lamp replacement compared to regular discharge fixtures.

The fixture’s motorized head offers a 540-degree pan range combined with a tilt range of 270-degrees. High speed 3-phase motors allow for extremely fast movement, making the fixture ideal for generating intense aerial effects. In addition, 16-bit fine pan and tilt control allow for extreme precision as well as silky smooth movement at slow speeds.

The Vizi Beam CMY delivers lighting designers a wealth of creative potential thanks to an extensive collection of onboard beam-shaping tools. A vast spectrum of colors can be created by combining the fixture’s variable cyan, magenta, and yellow color wheels in varying intensities. The inclusion of CMY wheels instead of flags allows for faster color transitions as well as smoother color mixing. This system also facilitates impressive color scrolling effects where the beam appears to morph from one color to another. For added versatility, the unit also boasts a 14-position dichroic color wheel loaded with a selection of popular color choices as well as CTB (9000K) and CTO (3200K) white color correction filters. The wheel is indexed to allow for selection of split colors and can also be set to scroll continuously at a choice of speeds. In addition, the fixture also features a unique five-color dichroic (red, green, orange, blue and yellow), which can be applied to generate a multi-colored beam effect.

A separate wheel features 17 static GOBO patterns, including four beam reducers. The GOBOs have been carefully curated for generating impressive beam projections and a GOBO shake effect offers lighting designers another creative tool. The fixture is also equipped with two rotating prisms – 16-facet circular and 6-facet linear – which can be overlayed to generate complex projection effects. The unit’s mechanical shutter can be used to create a variable dimming effect or to generate a variety of different strobe effects (regular, pulse, or random) with variable speed. Motorized focus, with precise 16-bit control, can be used to ensure GOBOs are sharply focused over varying projection distances or to deliberately blur them for creative effect. Finally, a frost filter is also included, which can be used to significantly blur the output and allow the fixture to serve as a wash light.

The fixture itself is extremely robust and designed to withstand the rigors of the road. However, considering its exceptional brightness and extensive feature set, it is both impressively lightweight and compact. Measuring 9.8” x 14.3” x 17.9” / 248mm x 364mm x 454.8mm (L x W x H) and weighing in at 38.5 lbs. / 17.5 kg., the fixture is convenient to carry and rig. It features mechanical pan and tilt locks, to prevent unwanted movement during rigging and transport, and its base is fitted with a pair of useful carrying handles. It also features large rubber feet – for deployment directly on a stage or riser – and is supplied with a pair of Omega brackets to allow the attachment of truss clamps. The fixture is cETLus approved, providing assurance of quality and compliance with American National Standards.

Locking power input and output sockets on the base of the fixture allow the electrical supply for multiple units to be connected to a single outlet and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets allow the connection of a control signal. In addition, the fixture is also equipped with a next generation Aria X2 wireless transceiver. This allows wireless DMX control via an extremely stable mesh network as well as remote fixture management from the Aria X2 smartphone app and OTA wireless firmware updates.

A large color LCD screen on the front of the unit, together with five push buttons, provides an extensive menu-driven interface for fixture setup and DMX addressing. The luminaire offers a choice of two DMX channel modes (20 or 24 channel) and also has a Manual Control mode that allows access to all of the fixture’s features directly from the menu screen for testing or to create a static look without the need for a DMX controller.

“Innovation meets performance in the new Vizi Beam CMY,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “This latest beam fixture is a significant step forward for ADJ’s popular Vizi Series. It combines huge light output and high-quality optics with an extensive feature set including CMY color mixing, which is extremely uncommon for a beam fixture at this price point. Add into the mix an additional color wheel, unique split color effect, separate GOBO wheel, two rotating prisms, a frost filter, and super-fast 3-phase motors, as well as Aria X2 wireless DMX and remote device management, and the Vizi Beam CMY leads the field for mid-market beam fixtures.”

The Vizi Beam CMY will be available from ADJ USA TBC and from ADJ Europe TBC. A dedicated custom touring case for the fixture will be available from ADJ Lighting Europe.

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