ADJ Introduces Lime-Infused Upgrade To Popular Ultra Bar Series Of Linear Wash Fixtures

With a proven track record in the event production and venue integration markets, ADJ’s Ultra Bar Series of linear LED wash luminaires are consistent best sellers. The company is now pleased to introduce the latest evolution of the series, the lime-infused UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H. Offering huge color mixing potential and a high CRI, these versatile fixtures can be deployed for uplighting, downlighting, stage washing and dancefloor illumination as well as to create ‘eye candy’ effects thanks to comprehensive zone control.

Available in six (UBL6H), nine (UBL9H) and twelve (UBL12H) LED variants, the new Ultra Bar Lime fixtures each feature the same potent 20-Watt HEX color (red, green, blue, amber, lime and UV) LEDs. Arranged in independently controllable pairs or groups of three, these ultra bright LEDs offer smooth color mixing to allow the creation of a wide variety of hues and shades. In addition, the fixtures can also be used to generate white light output with color temperature variable between 2,300K (very warm) and 9,900K (extremely cool). The inclusion of the lime LED chip allows for an impressively high CRI of >90, which means that the fixture’s output will render colors accurately when used to illuminate scenery, décor, and people, which is particularly important to ensure clarity, depth, and natural skin tones. Adding even more versatility, the UV element allows the creation of a ‘black light’ effect, which causes white and neon colored décor and clothing to glow when used alone. It can also be combined with the other LED elements to create vibrant colors like hot pink, deep purple, and electric blue.

With a concise native beam angle of 17°, the fixtures are ideal for uplighting or downlighting walls, drapes, curtains, or scenery. However, for applications that require wider coverage – illuminating a stage or dance floor, for example – each unit is supplied with a diffusion filter, which expands the beam angle to 20°. In addition, 40° diffusion filters are also available as optional accessories for each model. The filters are all quick and easy to fit by sliding into a channel on the front of each bar, locked in place by a single thumb tightening screw.

Each bar is fitted with robust rubber feet as well as a pair of removable variable angle brackets, which allows for versatile deployment mounted vertically, horizontally or standing directly on the floor. Another useful feature, Horizontal Magnetic Alignment, allows for multiple fixtures of the same model to be joined together when used for uplighting to create a seamless output.

The UBL6H is 22.4” (568mm) wide, the UB9H is 42.6” (1082mm) wide and the UB12H is 42.6” (1082mm) wide, while all three models have the same height of 4.2” (106.7mm) and width of 2.96” (75mm). With a robust metal construction, they are designed for the rigorous demands of event production but are also conveniently lightweight at 4.41 lbs. (2kg), 7.28 lbs. (3.3kg) and 7.5lbs (3.4kg), respectively. The fixtures’ input and output sockets – 5-pin DMX and locking power – are usefully located at either side of each unit, allowing for convenient and neat cable runs. The inclusion of the power output sockets allows the electrical supply for multiple units to be ‘daisy-chained’ from a single outlet. Up to 17 UBL12Hs can be linked @120V (32 @ 230V), rising to as many as 26 UBL6Hs @120V (50 @ 230V).

All three models offer a choice of five operational modes: Auto Run, Program Mode, Sound Trigger (utilizing an in-built microphone), RGBAL+UV Manual (allowing easy selection of any desired color) and DMX. Each unit offers a choice of seven different DMX modes, with the larger channel options facilitating independent control of each pair of LEDs as well as a dedicated linear color temperature channel. As an additional control option, all three models are also supplied with an ADJ UC-IR24 wireless remote control, which allows quick and easy selection of popular color options. A backlit digital display with an intuitive 4-button menu interface on the side panel allows easy mode selection, DMX addressing and configuration of operating parameters.

The fixtures offer a choice of six selectable dimming modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2) as well as four selectable dimming curve options (Square, Linear, Inv. Square and S. Curve). 64 built in color macros are provided to aid with programming and variable speed strobing adds to the units’ versatility. The RDM protocol is also supported, allowing remote DMX addressing when using a compatible control system.

“Combining flexibility with fantastic output, the ADJ Ultra Bar Series is an industry staple in both the event production and integration worlds,” explains ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “This is set to continue for many years to come thanks to the latest evolution of the series, which sees the fixtures updated with the latest lime LED technology. The UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H all offer the same durable, lightweight, and versatile design as well as the same color-calibrated 20-Watt LEDs, allowing for mixing and matching of fixtures to achieve specific lengths. Useful features such as magnetic alignment, versatile brackets, optional frost filters and linear color temperature control are paired with a high CRI and twin LED zone control to deliver linear LED fixtures that are perfect for a wide variety of integration and temporary event applications.”

The UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H are available new from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe in mid-February.

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