ADJ Enhances Entertainment Safety with New Accu-Cable Safety Cable Range

Offering increased thickness and weight capacities, ADJ has upgraded the selection of safety cables available as part of its Accu-Cable range. With a focus on strength, reliability, and value, the new safety cables are designed to offer complete peace of mind for all professional lighting and production applications. The TÜV approved range features three different weigh loading options, which all share the same robust and practical design.

Safety cables are an essential component of any entertainment technology installation, which ensure protection for equipment and personnel. They are used to add an extra layer of security when equipment – such as lighting fixtures, atmospheric generators, and speakers – are rigged at height. A safety cable will ensure that a piece of equipment will not fall to the ground – causing damage and potentially injury – should its primary rigging mechanism unexpectedly fail.

The new Accu-Cable safety cables offer increased weight ratings compared to the previous models thanks to the use of thicker cable. Crafted from high-quality steel, the cables offer excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their rugged design provides exceptional tensile strength, allowing them to withstand demanding conditions and maintain their integrity over time. The cables have TÜV approval, which means they have been successfully load tested to ten times their published weight rating. Users can therefore have complete peace of mind that they can be relied on to provide fall protection for both temporary and semi-permanent entertainment technology installations.

Three models are available in the range, suitable for use with a wide variety of different types and weights of lighting and other equipment. The lightweight SC4B model has a thickness of 0.16 inches (4mm) and can be used with equipment weighing up to 67 pounds (30kg). The intermediate SC5B cable has a thickness of 0.20 inches (5mm) and is suitable for use with equipment weighing up to 100 pounds (45kg). Finally, the heavy-duty SC6B version has a thickness 0.24 inches (6mm) and can be used safely with equipment weighing up to 155 pounds (70kg).

All three cables have a length of 31.5 inches (800mm), which gives flexibility for use with almost any size of lighting or other entertainment technology fixture. The cables feature a convenient quick connection clip with a screw-in fastener for added security. The two looped ends of each cable are reinforced by contoured metal plates and a fall break loop is also included to absorb some of the shock of a falling fixture.

“As all lighting professionals know, safety cables are essential not only for protecting expensive equipment but also for keeping crew, performers and the public safe,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “The new range of Accu-Cable Safety Cables has been designed to offer both a convenient design and ultimate reliability with increased thickness and weight ratings that are TÜV approved for safety with a load test ten times the listed weight rating. This reflects the evolution of ADJ’s lighting portfolio, which now features larger and heavier products suitable for use on medium-to-large-sized stages and productions. Offering strength, durability, and versatility, these new Safety Cables can be relied upon to provide an added layer of safety for all types of fixtures that may be used as part of an entertainment technology production.”

The new Accu-Cable SC4B, SC5B and SC6B safety cables are shipping now from ADJ Lighting Europe and USA.

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