Big. Bold. Bright. ADJ Lighting Introduces Lime-infused Focus Flex L19 Moving Head Wash

Building on the success of the popular Focus Flex L7, ADJ is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new Focus Flex L19. Featuring the same lime-infused, high CRI, color mixing LEDs as its compact sibling, this larger version packs in almost three times the quantity to allow for intense output and complex pixel-mapped effects. This professional moving head luminaire offers fast movement as well as an impressive zoom range, allowing it to generate both intense columns of light and wide washes of color.

The Focus Flex L19 feature nineteen high output 40-Watt RGBL (red, green, blue & lime) color mixing LEDs. These are arranged in three concentric circles across the face of the fixture and can be controlled independently to allow for the creation of ‘eye candy’ animation patterns as well as for pixel-mapped playback of low-resolution video content. The inclusion of the lime LED chip allows for an enhanced color palette as well as an improved CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 84.2 (zoomed out, full on). All LEDs used to manufacture the fixture are meticulously calibrated in the factory to ensure perfect consistency between units, even if they come from different batches.

Through mixing the intensity of the four primary LED colors, a huge gamut of output colors can be created to suit any mood or desired look. The fixture is pre-programmed with 64 color macros to allow easy selection of popular options, while 0-100% dimming control of each primary color allows for selection of specific shades and hues. In addition, a convenient Virtual CMY mode is also available, which allows control alongside native CMY color mixing fixtures using hardware/software CMY color picker/palette tools. The fixture also offers white light output with variable color temperature of between 2700K and 10,000K. This can be accessed either via linear control or a collection of 10 convenient presets.

The fixture’s LEDs are positioned behind a textured front lens which focuses the light output as well as providing protection for the LEDs. The whole assembly is then mounted to a motorized zoom assembly, which provides quick and precise beam angle alteration. Offering a field angle range of between 5 and 50-degrees, the fixture is capable of creating both wide washes and tight beams.

On the front of the unit’s base is a large color LCD display together with 6 navigation buttons, which provide access to an intuitive menu-driven interface for DMX addressing and customization of the unit’s various configurable operating parameters. This features battery power, which allows DMX addressing and other configuration to be carried when a fixture is being prepped for a show without the need to connect a power supply. There is also a USB port on the front of the unit, which can be used to quickly and easily load future firmware updates.

A choice of six different DMX channel modes is offered, ranging from a Basic 22-channel mode, where all the LEDs are controlled in unison, through to an Extended 104-channel mode, which offers individual color mixing control over each separate LED. As a compromise between these two extremes, the Extended 40-channel mode groups the LEDs into three independently controllable rings. Alternatively, animated effects can be created in the Standard 31-channel mode using the fixture’s internal Virtual Foreground and Background Color Wheel feature. Using this useful tool, one of 60 color macros and one of 8 effect macros can be set for the foreground and a different selection made for the background, allowing a vast selection of eye-catching effects to be created and customized with independently customizable speed and fade times.

On the rear panel of the fixture are locking power input and output connections, which allow the power supply for multiple units to be connected to a single outlet. The rear of the fixture is also home to 5-pin DMX input and output sockets as well as RJ45 networking input and output connections. In addition to the standard DMX512 protocol, the fixture can also be controlled using ArtNet, sACN or Klingnet to achieve easy integration with any existing lighting control or pixel-mapping system. The unit is also equipped with a wireless transceiver compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR wireless DMX protocol, allowing it to receive a DMX signal wirelessly from a compatible WiFLY transmitter or another WiFLY-equipped fixture over a distance of up to 2500 ft. / 700m (line of sight). The fixture also supports the RDM protocol, which allows for remote DMX addressing and the feeding back of fixture operating status information to a compatible DMX control solution.

The luminaire can be easily tailored to a designer’s personal preferences, or the specific requirements of a particular application, using a wide variety of customizable options. These include five selectable Dimming Modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2), four selectable Dimming Curves (Square, Linear, Inverse Square & S. Curve) and adjustable Dimming Speed (between 0.1 and 10 seconds). In addition, the LED Refresh Rate can also be adjusted, between 900Hz and 25,000Hz, to eliminate flicker for broadcast or video capture applications and fan speed can be limited for applications where near silent operation is required. All these customizable parameters can be altered via DMX as well as directly from the LCD menu interface.

Considering its impressive output, the Focus Flex L19 has relatively compact dimensions of 258 x 382 x 470mm / 10.16” x 15.04” x 18.51” (L x W x H) and a manageable weight of 19kg / 42lbs, making it convenient to store, transport, and rig. The unit is fitted with mechanical pan and tilt locks, which can be used to prevent unwanted movement during transportation. Rubber feet mean that the unit can be placed directly onto a stage or riser, while the supplied pair of omega brackets can be easily attached to allow for truss mounting.

“As its name suggests, the Focus Flex L19 is an extremely flexible fixture,” explains ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “It’s motorized zoom function allows for smooth alteration between an extremely tight 5-degree beam, which will cut through haze to generate aerial effects, and a wide 50-degree wash that will cover a large area of stage or crowd. Add to that extremely punchy output, fast movement and full pixel control over each of its 19 LEDs, packaged into a robust fixture that is still extremely light weight for its class, and you have a versatile lighting tool that creative designers will love to use.”

With robust, touring-grade construction, exceptionally punchy output, a wide zoom range, and pixel-mapping, the ADJ Focus Flex L19 is a versatile moving head luminaire capable of creating wash, beam and pixel effects. Designed to provide lighting designers with both flexibility and creative potential, it is ideal for the rental and production market, as well for installation in larger entertainment venues, houses of worship, theaters and nightclubs.

The Focus Flex L19 is shipping now from ADJ distributors and dealers worldwide.

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