Liberated Performance: Introducing AVANTE Audio’s AS8 ACDC Battery-Powered Portable PA

The new AS8 ACDC from AVANTE Audio is a complete portable PA system that can be used absolutely anywhere thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery. Easy to setup, this active column speaker system offers flexible input options including Bluetooth 5.0+ ® wireless connectivity. It is ideal for acoustic solo performers, small bands, comedians and mobile entertainers who want the flexibility to perform everywhere and anywhere without the need for power outlets.

Building on the success of the original AS8, the new AS8 ACDC offers the same combination of portability, connectivity and high quality audio reproduction with the added benefit of an inbuilt 5,000mAh Lithium-Ion battery, which is capable of providing an average run time of 4 to 5 hours. A convenient four-segment LED battery level indicator is provided on the rear of the unit and the same power inlet socket is used to charge the battery and run the system directly from a power supply (100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz).

The AS8 ACDC’s audio system combines an 8-inch neodymium subwoofer with an array of six precision-aligned 2.75” neodymium high/mid drivers. The subwoofer, which has a 1.5” voice coil and a 28 oz. magnet, is built into a vented enclosure which also contains the battery pack, amplification, and mixer. This system is powered by a 250W RMS (1000W peak) Class D amplifier with a switching power design and delivers a maximum output of 110dB with a frequency response of 180-20kHz.

The mid/high drivers are mounted into a column enclosure and the system is also supplied with an optional spacer column piece. These connect to the sub unit using AVANTE Audio’s proprietary SAM (Secure Array Mount) system, which allows the array column and spacer to lock securely to the sub and to one another without risk of being toppled over. The SAM connection also passes the audio signal from the sub up to the array column, through the spacer if it is used, removing the need for speaker cables and further speeding up setup time.

A flexible 3-channel mixer is built into the sub unit. This features a 2-band EQ, a Power/Clip LED signal indicator and an XLR output for daisy chaining the audio signal to another powered speaker. It offers XLR/TRS combo jack connections on the first two channels (switchable between mic and line level) and a choice between a stereo pair of 1/4” jacks, a single (mono) 1/4" jack or a 1/8” jack input on the third channel. This allows direct connection of line-level audio sources as well as microphones and even a guitar, making the system ideal for acoustic solo performers, duos, and even small bands without the need for a separate external mixer. The unit is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0+ ® connectivity, allowing wireless streaming of music from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

When used without the optional spacer column (Compact Position), the AS8 ACDC system comes to a height of 1208mm and is ideal for performances from a high stage. When the spacer is used (Extended Position), the AS8 ACDC has a total height of 2008mm, which is perfect for performances either from the floor or a low stage. This makes the system a flexible PA choice for musicians, performers, and DJs, playing in bars, lounges, coffee shops and small event spaces.

All three components of the system are constructed from robust molded Polypropylene, finished with 1mm steel grills to protect the speaker cones. The system is supplied with a convenient padded-bag – divided into two separate compartments – for storing and carrying the column speaker and spacer, while the sub unit features an integrated carrying handle. The combined weight of all three components is just 21kg, meaning that the compact system can be easily carried into a venue in a single trip by one person and transported in a small car.

“Offering complete portability and excellent audio quality at an affordable price, the AS8 ACDC is sure to prove popular with all kinds of performers and event professionals,” comments Avante Audio’s Product Engineer, Tony Mirador. “The system’s powerful rechargeable battery and compact, easy to setup, design means that it can be used absolutely anywhere, while its versatile in-built mixer and Bluetooth 5.0+ ® connectivity makes it a flexible PA that can be easily scaled and adapted for use amplifying everything from spoken word to DJ sets, live acoustic music to vocal groups using backing tracks.”

The Avante Audio AS8 ACDC is available in the Americas now and will be available in Europe in November 2023.

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