X Is Here! Introducing AVANTE Audio’s Next Generation Full-Range Active Loudspeakers

Building on the firm foundations laid by AVANTE Audio’s original Achromic Series of reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and sonically impressive full range active loudspeakers, the new Achromic X Series inherits all the positive traits and useful features of the originals while introducing two major new additions. Available in 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch variants, all three of the new speakers feature Bluetooth® 5.0 for wireless audio connectivity as well as a dedicated iOS app which allows remote control of levels and DSP settings as well as saving and recalling of presets.

The Achromic X Series offers a versatile collection of active loudspeaker cabinets that offer powerful output, detailed audio clarity, advanced built-in DSP, and sleek exterior designs. Created for musicians, DJs, bands, houses of worship, audio production companies and rental houses, the Achromic X Series speakers are equally suited to permanent installation as they are to one-off and touring productions.

Thanks to the addition of Bluetooth® 5.0 technology, audio can be streamed directly to any of the Achromic X Series speakers wirelessly from a compatible cell phone, tablet, or laptop. A dedicated iOS app (compatible with both iPhone and iPad) is also available, which allows comprehensive control over the integrated 2-channel mixer and comprehensive DSP. The app allows level and three-band EQ + high pass filter control for each channel independently as well as selection of DSP presets (e.g. Live, Club, Speech) and configuration of the internal Delay feature. This allows audio engineers to make adjustments remotely while listening to the speaker’s output, making for a quicker and more convenient workflow. In addition, the app allows you to create Scenes – which are snapshots of all the current level and DSP settings – to be saved and recalled in the future. This would allow, for example, an audio tech can equalize the speaker system to optimize the sound in the room, then name and save as a scene for that particular venue. Next time you return to this venue, you can simply recall the scene and you are ready.

The most compact model in the Achromic X Series is the A10X, which features a 10-inch woofer with a 2-inch voice coil alongside a 1-inch HF compression driver. These are driven by a 250W RMS Class D amplifier (LF) paired with a 50W RMS Class AB amplifier (HF), delivering a peak SPL of 121dB and a frequency response of 70Hz-20kHz. In the middle of the range is the A12X, which combines a 12-inch woofer with a 2.5-inch voice coil and a 1.35-inch HF compression driver. It features 350W RMS Class D (LF) and 50W RMS Class AB (HF) amplifiers, and produces a frequency range of 60Hz-20kHz with a peak SPL of 123dB. Finally, the largest model in the range is the A15X. Pairing a 15-inch woofer with a 2.5-inch voice coil and a 1.35-inch HF compression driver, it too features 350W RMS Class D (LF) and 50W RMS Class AB (HF) amplifiers. However, its larger speaker cone allows for an extended frequency range of 45Hz-20kHz and an increased maximum SPL of 124dB. All three models have been carefully designed with components specifically chosen to provide high SPL levels while ensuring smooth coverage across all frequencies in lightweight packages ranging from the A10X at 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) up to the A15X at 42 lbs. (19.1 kg).

Designed for both durability and portability, all three Achromic X Series models share the same distinctive look, matte black finish, and versatile feature set. They are manufactured from robust H-PP molded polypropylene and finished with a tough 1.2mm steel grille, which provides protection for the speaker drivers. The cabinets are fitted with ergonomic handles, both on the top and side, making them convenient to carry and set up. They feature an integrated pole mount which can be used with a standard speaker stand or a dedicated wall mounting accessory (WMB001), sold separately.

Further demonstrating the versatility of the Achromic X Series design, all three models can also be used as floor-standing ‘wedge’ monitors. Each speaker features a 45˚ angled side panel that has footing ridges to provide stabilization when used in this configuration. In addition, demonstrating the level of attention to detail that has gone into the design of these speakers, the logo badge on the front of each cabinet is rotatable to allow for both vertical and horizontal deployment. Further flexibility is provided by anti-slip rubber feet fitted to the bottom of the cabinets, allowing the speakers to stand directly on a sub or stage riser, as well as M10 threaded rigging bolts to allow the cabinets to be flown.

Every model in the Achromic X Series is fitted with a large backlit LCD display on its rear panel, which can be used to configure the Bluetooth® 5.0+ connection and setup the DSP (as an alternative to the Achromic X app). Flexibility is also provided by way of connectivity, as each model features a built-in 2-channel mixer. Channel 1 offers a choice between RCA (phono), 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth® 5.0 inputs, while Channel 2 features a combo XLR / ¼” jack socket which is switchable between Mic and Line level. Each channel has a dedicated level control and an XLR output socket is also provided to allow multiple active speakers to be daisy chained.

“Since its launch in 2017, the original Achromic Series has sold extremely well and proved popular with a wide variety of audio professionals working on everything from parties and conferences to installation projects in bars, nightclubs, theaters and events centers,” explains Avante Audio’s Product Engineer, Tony Mirador. “In developing the new Achromic X Series we took everything that was good about the original speakers – and there was a lot – then asked ourselves how they could be made even better. The answer was to make a series of small adjustments that together raise the bar even higher in terms of audio quality as well as integrate Bluetooth® 5.0 to allow for wireless audio streaming and remote setup through a dedicated app. The result is a range of speakers that are extremely easy to use, look great and sound even better, which build on the firm foundations laid by their predecessors and take the Achromic concept to the next level.”

The Avante Audio Achromic X Series is available now!


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