ADJ’s Entour Series: High Performance Atmospheric Effects For Venues and Productions of All Sizes

The ADJ Entour Series is a comprehensive range of professional atmospheric effect generators suitable for a wide variety of applications, including permanent installations and touring productions. Incorporating both water and oil-based haze machines as well as low fog, snow and wind generators, the series offers impressive effects from well-designed and extremely reliable products. From beam-enhancing haze and dramatic low-lying fog effects to festive snow flurries and theatrical gales, the ADJ Entour Series has it all covered!

“Designed to provide the perfect companions to ADJ’s catalog of entertainment lighting fixtures, the Entour Series features a variety of atmospheric effect options suitable for venues and productions of all sizes,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “Each product in the range has been thoughtfully developed by our R&D team to provide the features and functionality event professionals and systems integrators want from their atmospheric equipment. Other commonalities across the range are robust build quality, leading to exceptional reliability, as well as excellent value for money. With machines of various sizes, the series covers everything from concert tours to mobile entertainers; large entertainment venues and churches to small bars and nightclubs.”

The Entourage is a professional-grade ‘faze’ machine that generates a massive amount of lightshow-enhancing fog from water-based fluid but spread out into a fine hazy effect rather than the intense blast created by a regular fog machine. Designed for the touring, rental and event production markets, the unit is supplied built into a heavy-duty road case. It is equipped with a powerful 1,500W heater, allowing a vast output potential of 15,000 cubic ft. per minute, making it ideal for large stages and venues. It also boasts a very speedy warm-up time of just 45 seconds, meaning that atmospheric faze can be generated whenever, as well as wherever, it is required. Capable of continuous output if required, the Entourage is also fitted with an easy-to-read LCD display interface that facilitates simple configuration of an in-built timer. This allows bursts of variable intensity and length to be programmed to occur at regular intervals. The machine can also be controlled by DMX using a choice of three different modes: 1, 2 or 5 channel.

A similar unit, offering the same heating element and output potential, the Entour Venue is supplied in a lighter and smaller form designed for permanent installation in concert venues, theatres, churches and large nightclubs. The compact machine offers the same control options and large (5.6 liter) tank capacity as the Entourage, but is fitted with a convenient hanging bracket that locks into place using a pair of heavy-duty plastic thumb-tightening screws.

The Entour Faze is a robust and affordable portable faze machine ideal for smaller event production applications as well as installation in clubs, bars and other entertainment venues. Equipped with a 450W heating element it is capable of generating 1000 cubic feet of atmospheric haze per minute. The unit has 3-liter fluid tank and a low consumption rate of 10ml per minute, which means that it is capable of 5 hours of continuous operation from a single tank of fluid. The unit also features ADJ’s Rapid Heater Technology that means the machine can be ready to start producing haze just 40 seconds from the time it is turned on. A flexible fixture, the Entour Faze features an integral hanging bracket and can be operated in a number of different ways to suit a variety of applications, including via DMX control and using the supplied timer remote control.

ADJ’s most compact and affordable faze option, the Entour Faze Jr, features a 200W heating element and 1.5-liter tank capacity. The effect may be activated using the faze trigger switch on the rear of the machine or using the supplied Entour VT-1 wired remote, which features a variable output dial. Although extremely affordable, portable and light in weight, the unit is rugged for everyday use. It features a hanging bracket as well as rubber feet that allow it to be operated standing directly on a stage or dancefloor. It is ideal for use by mobile entertainers as well as for installation in small bars and entertainment centers.

The Entour Haze Pro is a touring grade portable haze machine built into a durable flight case. It requires no warm-up time and, with an air pressure of 101psi, is able to generate an impressive output of 3,000 cubic ft. per minute. This allows large stages and venues to be easily and quickly filled with lightshow-enhancing haze whenever it is required. The machine uses Haze/G™ oil-based liquid and has a fluid tank capacity of 2.5 liters. It has an extremely efficient fluid consumption rate of 15 hours continuous output per liter, which means that 37.5 hours of haze can be generated from a single tank of fluid. Oil-based haze is finer in consistency, distributes more uniformly and hangs longer than water-based haze. On the other hand, oil-based haze can leave a little oily residue on the floor and objects nearby. Therefore, water-based haze is often preferred for smaller indoor shows and installations, while oil-based haze is regularly utilized for larger, and especially outdoor, productions.

Offering a significantly improved design over all other competing units currently on the market, the Entour Ice is a touring grade low-lying fog generator. This innovative device not only boasts extremely high output but also improved control options making it the perfect choice for theatrical performance, concert touring and special event production. By combining heated water with solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), the Entour Ice is able to generate thick clouds of theatrical fog that cling close to the ground. Unlike other competing machines currently on the market, which feature a manual system for lowering a basket of dry ice into a tank of hot water, this innovative new machine utilizes an automated system that pumps the hot water into the dry ice chamber on cue. This not only allows remote triggering of the effect via DMX but also allows for improved precision over the output volume. With a dry ice capacity of 26.5lbs. the unit has an approximate runtime at full output of 3.5 minutes during which an impressive 5920 sq. ft. of fog is created. The machine is supplied in a flight case with castors, for easily portability, and together with a 5 ft. hose and deflector nozzle that allow it to be positioned out of sight.

Offering a more affordable, compact and straightforward option for generating floor-hugging fog effects, the Entour Chill uses standard water-based Kool Fog juice and regular ice cubes to generate an effect similar to that of dry ice. This device builds on the success of ADJ’s immensely popular Mister Kool low-foggers, with enhanced technology to allow for increased output. A newly-developed 800W heater system allows for continuous output for up to an hour, while sophisticated new electronic temperature control lets the machine heat up in 3 minutes and stay at optimum temperature ready for immediate firing of the effect when it is required. Featuring an intuitive menu system accessed via a backlit 16-character LCD display, the unit is easy to setup for DMX control, remote control, timed intermittent operation or immediate continuous output. Housed in a rugged, fire-resistant plastic case, the Entour Chill is ideal for use on theatrical productions and concert tours as well as by mobile entertainers and event companies.

The Entour Snow is a high-output snow machine designed for professional installation and touring applications. The unit is capable of projecting imitation snow upwards to a distance of up to 10m and outwards across a distance of up to 12m, making this unit ideal for large venues and stage productions. The flexible machine offers variable output, with the fan running at 50% or 100%, as well as an inbuilt timer and both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets for DMX control. A  ¼” jack socket is also provided for use with an optional remote control and a locking power input socket provides the unit’s electrical supply. It features a 5.6 liter external fluid tank and, with a fluid consumption rate of 500ml/min, can run non-stop for over 11 minutes. With its huge output, this  professional-grade snow generator is ideal for large festive parties and concerts as well as theatrical productions that call for a powerful snowstorm on cue!

Ideal for spreading fog, as well as providing theatrical wind effects, the Entour Cyclone is a versatile and powerful portable fan. It offers speed adjustment between 500 and 2,600rpm (500 and 3,000rpm @ 230V) and DMX operation – using a choice of 1- or 2-control channels – allowing air movement of any velocity to be triggered on cue. It also features a ¼” jack input socket that can be used to connect an optional remote controller, allowing it be used independently of a DMX system if required. The robustly constructed machine features protective metal grilles to the front and rear of the fan as well as a dual-purpose bracket that can be used to either stand the unit on the floor or attach it to truss or another similar support structure.