ADJ Snow Machines Help To Create Holiday Magic

Wherever you are in the world and no matter what the weather is like during the festive seaon, nothing creates holiday magic like falling snow. If you’re not fortunate enough to live in a place where snow is likely during the holidays, ADJ’s range of synthetic snow machines give you the power to create a magical snow-filled atmosphere at the push of a button, whether it's events taking place indoors or outdoors!

ADJ’s range of atmospheric effect generators includes three snow machine options, meaning that there is something suitable for every budget and size of event or display. All of the machines use water-based fluid to create a snow-like foam, which is then blown outwards in a cascade of snowflake-style droplets. These faux snowflakes are of different shapes and sizes, and float gently to the ground, just like the real thing, before quickly dissolving. This means that not only can the effects created by ADJ’s snow machines be triggered on demand, the output is not cold like real snow, making it much more pleasant for performers or patrons when it falls on them.

The VF Flurry is ADJ’s entry-level snow machine. A highly-efficient 600W unit, it is extremely compact and therefore ideal for mobile applications. It offers a spray distance of 2-5 meters and an internal snow fluid tank with a capacity of 1 liter, which is fitted with a useful low fluid indicator. The unit is extremely easy to use and is supplied with a wired remote control (VFFR) which features an on/off switch for the effect alongside a rotary control which alters the output volume. With a fluid consumption rate of 200ml/min at maximum output, the unit can run at full output from a single tank for five minutes. The machine is supplied with an optional hanging bracket and is also fitted with rubber feet for surface mounting. It weighs just 8 lbs. / 3.8 kgs and is fitted with a convenient carry handle, making it a simple and portable solution for delivering snow effects on the go.

ADJ’s mid-range snow machine is the VF Snow Flurry HO. This 1250W unit also offers a 2-5 meter spray distance, but with significantly increased snow output and tank capacity. Suitable for situations where a large amount of synthetic snow is required quickly, it has a tank capacity of 2.3 liters and a maximum fluid consumption of 430ml/min. It has a fluid level indicator on the rear panel, as well as, a built-in low snow fluid senor to protect the machine’s pump. In addition to a manual on/off switch, the VF Snow Flurry HO has a low or high snow output switch, and 3-pin DMX In/ Out so that it may be controlled via a DMX controller. Additionally, this model’s VFFLUR-TR wired remote also incorporates a timer function that can be easily setup to automatically trigger the effect intermittently. In addition to the output rotary control, two additional dials alter the duration of the snow output and the interval between outputs when in timer mode. The machine is supplied with an optional hanging bracket and is also fitted with rubber feet for surface mounting, plus it has a built-in safety eye for use with a safety cable when rigging.

At the top of ADJ’s snow machine range is the Entour Snow, a powerful and featured-packed machine suitable for a wide variety of professional touring and installation applications. The 1250W machine features a large 5.6 Liter fluid tank and variable output, with a maximum throw distance of 12 meters horizontally. As with the other units in the range, the Entour Snow can be mounted using its variable angle bracket or stood directly on a surface for horizontal snow output. However, this machine can also be placed on its side and used to project snow vertically upwards to a distance of up to 10 meters. Used in this way, a very natural falling snow effect can be created. The machine can be controlled either via DMX – with a choice of 1, 3 or 5 channel modes as well as both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections – or using the on-board LCD display. This offers both manual operation and a comprehensive timer function. The unit also features a ¼ jack socket for use with the optional ENTOUR VT-1 wired remote control (sold separately).

All of these machines require snow fluid to operate. ADJ’s Snow Juice is a snow fluid that has been specially engineered to achieve the best possible results from ADJ’s range of snow machines. Snow Juice (5L) delivers the best quality and most realistic synthetic snow. It creates larger and more dense pieces of artificial snow that will float down from the machine in a very realistic way.

Whether you are working on a holiday stage production, hosting a winter wonderland event or enhancing a church Christmas service, there’s no better way to create holiday magic than with artificial snow effects. ADJ’s range of versatile and reliable snow machines can delivery these effects simply and effectively for events and productions of all sizes.